Please contact for more information.


On booking an appointment you agree to the call out fee charge, hourly rate and terms and conditions.

(Call out fee agreed before booking). The call out fee & hourly rate will all be explained before you book. 

Depending on the information given for the work required a guide price can be given but is only a guide. 


Estimated time of arrival:

Your ETA time will be agreed on booking a appointment, you will receive a 3-4hour time slot, you will normally receive a phone call to let you know your engineer is on route. 

This will  normally be at least 10 minutes. Customers not in during the eta after agreeing the appointment are liable for the call out charge. 

-Roof work 

All work is done at the owners discretion, we cannot be held responsible if any damage is caused. If any damage is caused you will be notified. 


You will receive a warranty on new installations and new products installed only.

We cannot cover any faults within your warranty period by any act of nature. 

Installations and product warranties vary so please ask. 

(New products and new installations are 1year minimum) additional years warranty’s can be purchased. 

-Payment Terms 

Payment methods accepted are the following:

Cash, card or bank transfer on completion of work on site.

(card charges may apply)

Please check before booking. 

For Invoice work

 (agreed before booking)

payment is required via bank transfer within 24hours of completion unless previously agreed.

(agreed when booking a appointment) 

-Late payments

A late penalty charge of £30 per day is applied to the bill if not paid within 24hours. (24 hours from 5pm of the job date) 


Cancellations must be given at a minimum of 48hours written (email) notice to the start of your eta (estimated time of arrival) or you will still be liable for the full call out charge, late charges also apply.

If you have any questions or queries don’t hesitate to ask.